We understand the specific requirements of the market and
provide quality goods with prompt delivery, stable prices, and
dedicated customer service. We abide to our honesty and obtain
the pride of excellence to all of our commitments.


Vandan Associates Inc. is a leading Canadian Diamond Wholesaler
established in downtown Toronto. We specialize in .30 to 10 carat
diamonds. Our focus is on a wide range of sizes in full and single
cuts, with an assortment of fancy shapes.

Our inventory consists of GIA, IGI, Harold Weinstein, Gemscan,
AGS, EGL, and HRD certified diamonds. Our brand, the “Glacial
Ice Canadian Diamond,” has given us the opportunity to sell our
own unique Canadian diamonds. On these stones, we provide our
logo and a unique identification number, presented with a
Certificate of Origin to certify the proof of its Canadian birth.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology allows us to
principally provide Ideal and Very Good cuts, enabling us to deal
in top grade stone. Vandan’s accredited customer service is highly
valued by its clients all over the world.